"Cinque Terre" Menu

5 dishes chosen by the chef

48,00 €


The "Cappon Magro"

14,00 €

Bonito tataki with cauliflower, spring onion and candied lemon

14,00 €

"Ligurian poached Egg" with panissa, turnip tops and prescinsêua

11,00 €

Fresh squid with shallot, cabbage and maltesa sauce

15,00 €

Steak tartare with seasonal crunchy vegetable

16,00 €

Albenga artichokes with mediterranean flavours

12,00 €

Main courses

White beans "Passatina" with seasonal firstfruits garden and sea

20,00 €

"Bavette" with basil pesto sauce DOP Liguria, potatoes, green beans and garlic chips

14,00 €

Stuffed artisanal "bottoni" pasta with pumpkin, seasonal mushrooms and parmesan cream

18,00 €

Stuffed artisanal "ravioli" pasta with "brandacujun" , potatoes foam and ashes of olives

21,00 €

Fish and meat

Stuffed artisanal "ravioli" pasta with "brandacujun", potatoes foam and ashes of olives


Scallops with parsnip cream, white asparagus and candied lemon

23,00 €

Lamb ribs with red beet cream, dehydrated capers and Rossese red wine sauce

22,00 €

tenderloin with endive, red onion and vermouth reduction

26,00 €


"My way" of tiramisu

7,00 €

Apple "clafoutis" with yogurt and homemade cinnamon ice cream

7,00 €

Pistachio semifreddo with blown chocolate and raspberry coulis

7,00 €

Bavarese with berries in consistency

7,00 €

Basil and lemon sorbet

5,00 €

Italian cheese tasting with sweet and sour compote of red onions

14,00 €

Bread and homemade selection of focaccia 2,50 €

VAT included